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Ukraine now


4.14M refugees

6.5M internal migration


We are gravely concerned for our children who might be caught in the middle of armed conflict. Conflict means hunger, poverty, danger, no healthcare, loss of education and fear.


Children are living in the most lethal war zones, experiencing unspeakable horrors with devastating and life change consequences. They are in desperate need of care and protection.



About Company

KIDDISVIT company has been working steadily in the Ukrainian market of toys and goods for children for more than 24 years, occupying a leading position among distributors. The assortment of KIDDISVIT includes more than 50 leading brands, which cover all segments of toys and goods for children. Since the beginning of military operations in Ukraine KIDDISVIT has been engaged in active volunteer work in partnership with international companies and charitable foundations.

KIDDISVIT’s Resources


The Funds We Work with



Shelter in Dnipro

  • 100 people a day
  • Sleeping accommodations
  • Sanitary Facilities
  • Hot meals
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Toys & baby hygiene


Shelter in Voloske

  •  200 people a day
  • Sleeping accommodations
  • Sanitary Facilities
  • Hot meals
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Medical supplies
  • Toys & baby hygiene
  • The team works with children Doctor Clown from Dnipro


Evacuation From Restive Regions

  • Transportation & convoy
  • Children Women
  • Senior People
  • People with disabilities
  • Accommodation in the Shelter in Voloske


Targeted Humanitarian Aid

  • Orphans
  • Large families
  • Single mothers
  • Families of migrants
  • Military Hospitals
  • Territorial Defense
  • Armed Forces of Ukraine


Volunteer Center on Shevchenko St. in Dnipro

  • Help for families of migrants
  • Infant food
  • Diapers
  • Toys
  • Medical supplies
  • Hygiene products
  • Clothing


We are Supported by


Bank Details for Cash Donations

For SWIFT transfers in USD or EUR:


Beneficiary’s bank: РJSC «BANK VOSTOK» Dnipro, Ukraine




IBAN: UA063071230000026006011035032


Beneficiary: Charitable Fund Pomogaem


Beneficiary’s address: 8, Poshtova Str., Voloske village, 52043, Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine


Details of Payment: Charitable help for kids in Dnipro

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